Sun, 18 Apr | Canggu, Bali

Heal Your Story, Heal Your Life

Create Success Now by getting into the roots of what's causing your struggles; inherited family traumas.

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18 Apr, 14:00 – 19 Apr, 09:05
Canggu, Bali, Jl. Pura Taman Sari Banjar Padang Linjong No.22, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

About the Event

Your story does not begin with you "We are All Born into a Common Soul known as a Social Field". The family is a system of connections and interdependencies of its members. And when it falls out of balance, mechanisms called the 'orders of love' will push to resolve it. These orders will restore the balance by choosing a member of the family's next generation who will unconsciously repeat unhappy stories . It rebalances itself in a negative way; through symptoms such as chronic diseases, unhappy relationships, lack of money and difficulties in achieving success... So, it's really not very helpful to you. According to Bert Hellinger, psychotherapist who developed this technique, every pain and struggle comes from some type of exclusion/separation. This can be changed when you look at the roots of what's causing your symptoms and become conscious of the inclusion that needs to happen. Signs You Might Be Entangled in a Family Member's Fate: - Always Sick - Change partners but end up with the same relationship - Lack of success despite all efforts - Struggle to make or keep money - Do you feel excluded from your family? - Obsessive thoughts, behaviours patterns and phobias... Traumas that might be affecting you and your family: - Early death of a child - Abortions, miscarriages and stillbirths - Abandonment - Adoptions - Divorce - Sexual abuse - Suicide... The objective of a family constellation session is to identify systemic entanglements: - You come with a theme/issue - Then you'll be asked to focus on your feelings and body sensations - Brief story telling - Positioning of dolls representing your family members - Resolution through forming a new family image.

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    VAT included

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